Avon de Lacroix

Students are all on mid-term break. I am currently enjoying mindless hours of IMing, blogging and stalking people on Facebook. Hahah!

We have this little get-together planned after five today. Maybe I'll snap a few shots here and there later on so that I can upload it here tomorrow. I am not that excited about this whole thing, but what the hell! I heard it's free=)

I stumbled across my friend's Avon catalogue just now. Not really a huge fan but I have just found out that Christian Lacroix's Rouge perfume is available at all Avon outlets across the country! My office happened to be a few doors from one of them so I decided to check it out during lunch hour.

And there it was. Shoved at the corner of all other funny looking Avon stuff, the bloody red bottles. I just don’t understand why do they have to sell the perfume at Avon. Nothing against Avon but, we’re talking about Christian fuckin Lacroix here man! Can they have at least a proper display section for the perfume? Like a mirror-case or something?

I’m waiting for the male perfume to arrive at this Avon outlet near my office. It’s Bazar for Men and Tumulte Homme. Can’t wait!


H&F said…
If they can't bring in Bazar, at least Avon people can hopefully bring in Noir.Christian Lacroix Noir is the men's version of Rouge.